Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final Day in Siem Reap

Our final day in Siem Reap was spent sleeping a bit later than usual, packing our bags trying to make all of our recent purchases fit into our over stuffed luggage, doing some last minute shopping and going to a cooking class at Le Tigre au Papier - a Khmer food training restaurant near the old market.  For over three hours, our group prepared a variety of traditional Khmer dishes under the watchful and expert eye of our instructor.  We made fresh and deep fried spring rolls, traditional Khmer curry, fried noodles and beef lok lak.  Dessert was sweet sticky rice with mango - so much food and so delicious!!  The best part is we have all the recipes and can't wait to cook when we return home!

After lunch we had the opportunity to visit the old market one more time for kampot pepper and palm sugar and we visited Artisan's d' Angkor, an NGO devoted to keeping traditional handicrafts alive in Cambodia.

We depart this evening for the long flight(s) back to Boston to our friends and family, to whom we give thanks for their love and support.

"One thing is clear, this young generation is dragging Cambodia kicking and screaming into the 21st century."  This powerful quote came from Bill Morse, a volunteer at the landmine museum we visited yesterday and it truly captures the changes occurring in Cambodia right now.  Cambodia is at a crossroads, change is happening fast.  There is heartache and struggle, but hidden just behind the roughness there is also hope and possibility for a bright future.  We can't wait to come back!

Kate B.

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