Thursday, February 2, 2012

Environmental Affects of Bombings in Cambodia

For my topic of research, I've chosen to focus on the environmental impact of the American bombings in Cambodia. It's something I've always been interested in: whenever we discussed bombings of country or another in my history classes throughout the years, I wondered how many habitats the bombings destroyed, how many animals they killed, and how long it would take for the particular area to rebound. And it's speculated that Cambodia is the most-bombed country in history, so the environmental impact is most likely staggering.

Additionally, this question is particularly relevant to Cambodia, whose beautiful flora and fauna (in some ways, similar to that of Thailand) would be ripe for a flourishing tourism industry. This topic will certainly be a challenge: very little research as been done in this area, and it's unknown exactly how many bombs were dropped. The United States has little incentive to discover just how much destruction we caused there, and Cambodian-based NGOs have enough on their hands. But I'll do my best with the information there is, and I'm excited to tackle this topic.

Kate (H.)

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