Monday, February 13, 2012

Yijin's Research Topic

For my topic of research, I have chosen to focus on women in Cambodian society before and after the Cambodia Genocide. The plight of women in third world countries has always been a topic that I have been interested in. During this trip, I hope to explore in depth the workings of the Khmer social hierarchy and where women fit in the system. I am especially looking forward to learning more about the educational opportunities of Cambodian women, involvement in politics and the issue of sex trafficking.

While visiting the different historical genocide memorials and museums, I hope to investigate the status of women in Cambodian society under the rule of Pol Pot. Has the status of women improved at all in the past few decades?

I am especially excited to visit the Harpswell Foundation and to speak to the women who benefit from the organization. The dormitory and leadership center for college women in Phnom Pehn houses women who come from rural areas to attend university in the city. They have been selected on the basis of intelligence, ambition and leadership potential. I am interested to hear their visions for the future of women in Cambodia and the country itself.

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